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Strategic advice on strengthening a brand

Communitas have delivered a wide variety of communications work for the exam board Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA). The scope of our work has included planning, identifying guests and managing specialist expert forums; writing, designing, printing and delivering the organisation’s termly Award magazine aimed at examiners and senior teachers;  report writing, design and production, press office support and strategic communications advice.

One of our main functions was to offer strategic advice on strengthening their brand.  We devised a programme of work designed to cement and grow AQA's reputation as thought leaders. This included two breakfast events on - respectively - maths and science where a panel of experts was brought together to discuss issues of the day, with the resulting discussion published as a booklet and posted online, all of which Communitas managed.

We were brought in to provide strategic advice and planning support to their in-house communications department.

We provided press office support during critical periods as well as event management support for the AQA's annual awards. We offered strategic advice on the repositioning of the awards scheme and designed and produced the annual report.

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