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Apr 19, 2016

Snap happy: Six of our best tips for getting golden shots of your school!

We’ve been working with a new MAT creating great photos for its five schools in Staffordshire. Read six of our best tips for picking the right photographer for your school and getting the shots you need.

Check out who a photographer has worked for via their online portfolio before approaching them for a quote

If you want casual and relaxed and your photographer’s stock in trade is ‘grip and grin line ups’ there’s a lot going to end up on the cutting room floor.

Be clear about what you’re trying to achieve from your photographs 

This will involve briefing your photographer well beforehand so that he or she understands the context that they’re working in and respects the fact that while, for example, Mr B’s classroom/subject, may not be the most photogenic it's an important part of the school and needs to be well represented.

Consider moving away from the formality of posed shots and consider a more fly-on-the- wall reportage style 

We’re increasingly finding that schools are looking for photos which not only convey the atmosphere of their school better, but are also much more visually appealing to prospective parents who don't know the school.

Choose a photographer willing to take your instructions… 

Artistic shots of Victorian radiators or rainbows over the school playing field are all well and good but chances are you'll want your photographer to take instructions to showcase your music provision, your great ICT suite and your students brimming with curiosity as well.

….but also know when to set them free

On the flip side remember that good photographers bring a wealth of creative input; try not to create such a tight shot list that they don’t have time to see your school with an artist’s eye. They may well be able to weave prospectus gold out of that stairwell or cramped music room with the right angle or lighting.

And finally, ensure that they’re flexible in the broadest sense

A school day is rarely predictable and if you need to switch the order of photos your photographer will need to roll with it. He or she should also be up for squeezing themselves into small alcoves, crouching on tables or crawling around in chicken pens; generally doing what it takes to get the best shots.   

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